3 Factors that can keep you away from your desired results from Instagram marketing efforts ....


Consistently maintaining a strategic posting schedule helps keep followers engaged, fosters anticipation, and builds excitement for your content.

Lack of Interaction and Engagement

Failing to Engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and mentions promptly.

Inability to leverage on Hashtag Strategy

Effective use of relevant hashtags increases the discoverability of your posts, reaching a broader audience.

We are a good fit for you to optimise your Instagram marketing if you are a:


Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, you often have limited time and resources to dedicate to social media management. We can help you automate your posting, engage with your audience efficiently, and grow your Instagram presence without spending excessive time on manual tasks.


E-commerce Brand Owner

As an E-commerce brand owner, you rely heavily on social media to promote products and engage with customers. Our automation features and engagement tools enable them to efficiently handle your Instagram presence and drive sales.


New startup founder

For a new startup founder, building a social media presence from scratch can be challenging. We provides a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage your Instagram engagement, allowing you to focus on other aspects of customer discovery and business growth.


Content Creators or an influencer

As an influencers or as a content creator, you need to maintain a strong social media presence to grow audience and partnerships. We can help you plan and schedule content, interact with followers, and discover relevant hashtags to boost visibility.


Event Promoter

When promoting events or campaigns on Instagram, timely and consistent posting is crucial. Our scheduling feature ensures that event-related content reaches the audience at the right time, maximizing event attendance and engagement.


Owner of an business with international brand

Brands with an international audience face challenges related to time zones and engagement. Our scheduling functionality allows you to maintain a global social media presence and engage with followers around the clock.


Social Media Manager

As a dedicated social media manager handling multiple accounts, UnWurk becomes your indispensable tool, streamlining workflow and ensuring unwavering consistency in engagement and growth across all your valued clients' diverse and dynamic Instagram accounts.

With our platform, until now, many other people like you have been successful in accomplishing...


Instagram posts scheduled


Reply campain added


Comment campaigns added


Hashtags searched


Instagram accounts linked

We help you overcome some of these challenges you face in optimising your Instagram marketing efforts

Challenges in using existing tools specifically designed for Instagram marketing

  • Steep Learning Curve: Learning to use new tools can be time-consuming and may require additional training for team members.
  • Higher Costs: Premium features in Instagram-specific tools may come at a high cost, making them unaffordable for small businesses or individuals.
  • Account Limitations: Certain tools may have restrictions on the number of Instagram accounts that users can manage simultaneously.

Challenges in using tools that are designed for all social media

  • Platform Limitations: These tools may lack specific Instagram-focused features, affecting efficiency and engagement on the platform.
  • Feature Overload: Tools designed for all social media platforms may have complex interfaces with features that users don't need for Instagram marketing.
  • Resource Allocation: The tool's cost may not be justified if users only require functionalities for Instagram marketing.

Challenges in manual Instagram marketing

  • Time-Consuming: Manually managing Instagram accounts can be time-consuming, leaving little room for other important tasks.
  • Limited Efficiency: Manually engaging with followers and other users may limit the efficiency and scale of interactions.
  • Missed Opportunities: Manual tracking of hashtags and analytics may result in missed opportunities for content discovery and optimization.

Our solution is build with and is driven by these core features

Easy to learn

No steep learning curve involved that would delay you from getting started.

Pay and use

Stay subscribed and use as long as you need and come back after a break, when you want.


Your personal data and also your subscribers data is completely secured and never comprimised.


Access to DIY resources and a quick support ticket queries responses.

Cloud based

The software is based in cloud, so no need to download, install and configure any software.

Browser & Devices Agnostics

Seamless user experience across all major browsers and devices.

9 Parts functionality of our solution

  • 1
    Automated Posting:

    Schedule and publish content automatically for consistent posting.

  • 2

    Automatically like, comment, or follow users to boost interactions.

  • 3
    Built-in editor:

    The built-in editor provides seamless content customization options.

  • 4
    Hashtag Discovery:

    Find trending and relevant hashtags to enhance post visibility.

  • 5
    Analytics Dashboard:

    Monitor key metrics and performance insights in one place.

  • 6
    Content Calendar:

    Plan, organize, and visualize your content schedule in advance.

  • 7
    Competitor Insights:

    Gain competitor hashtag insights for informed content strategy.

  • 8
    Engagement Reports:

    Evaluate post interactions and engagement trends over time.

  • 9
    Content Repurposing:

    Repurpose successful content for continued engagement.

A glimpse inside of our app


Ready to Supercharge Your Instagram Engagement?

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Pricing options for all stages

25 % discount for annual package under each plan. Pricing excludes taxes where applicable.

Starter Plan
₹ 800
[$ 90 or ₹ 7,200 paid annually]

Suitable for an early startup or a side hustle project

  • 1 Facebook accounts
  • 5 Instagram accounts
  • 100 Instagram posting
  • 30 Auto comment campaigns
  • 30 Auto Comment reply campaigns
  • Unlimited comment hides
  • Unlimited comment delete
  • 200 Hashtag searches
Pro Plan
₹ 2,400
[$ 270 or ₹ 21,600 paid annually]

Suitable for a serious startup business

  • 4 Facebook accounts
  • 20 Instagram accounts
  • 400 Instagram posting
  • 120 Auto comment campaigns
  • 120 Auto Comment reply campaigns
  • Unlimited comment hides
  • Unlimited comment delete
  • 800 Hashtag searches
Enterprises Plan
₹ 4,800
[$ 540 or ₹ 43,200 paid annually]

Suitable for an established and scaling up business

  • 10 Facebook accounts
  • 50 Instagram accounts
  • 1000 Instagram posting
  • 300 Auto comment campaigns
  • 300 Auto Comment reply campaigns
  • Unlimited comment hides
  • Unlimited comment delete
  • Unlimited Hashtag searches


UnWurk is a comprehensive Instagram management tool that simplifies tasks by offering automated posting, engagement, and growth strategies. It empowers your account's success by streamlining essential processes.

UnWurk's Automated Posting feature enables you to effortlessly schedule and publish content, maintaining a consistent presence on your Instagram feed. This ensures your audience remains engaged at optimal times.

Absolutely, UnWurk's Auto-Engagement actively interacts with users by automatically liking, commenting, and following. This fosters meaningful connections, amplifying engagement and building a vibrant community.

UnWurk's Built-in Editor empowers you with a versatile platform for content customization. It upholds your brand's visual identity, ensuring your posts align seamlessly with your overall aesthetics.

UnWurk's Hashtag Discovery feature identifies trending and relevant hashtags that optimize post discoverability. This widens your content's reach, attracting a broader and more engaged audience.

UnWurk's Analytics Dashboard consolidates a range of valuable insights, encompassing metrics and performance data. This comprehensive overview guides your decision-making and strategy refinement.

Certainly, UnWurk's Content Calendar empowers you to strategically organize, schedule, and visualize your content plan. It ensures a well-planned approach for consistent audience engagement.

UnWurk's Competitor Insights offer valuable data on competitors' hashtag usage, helping you refine your own hashtag strategy and content creation. This strategic advantage enhances visibility.

UnWurk's Engagement Reports delve deep into post interactions and engagement trends. This invaluable data empowers you to assess content effectiveness and make informed adjustments.

UnWurk's Content Repurposing lets you extend the impact of successful content by recycling it strategically. This approach maximizes content value and ensures a continuous flow of audience interaction.

Absolutely, UnWurk employs official APIs provided by Instagram. This ensures secure and authorized access to your account, enabling seamless automation, engagement, and adherence to Instagram's guidelines.

Rest assured, UnWurk strictly adheres to Instagram's guidelines, ensuring a smooth experience. While unforeseen policy changes can occur, we proactively stay updated and align our tools with Instagram's requirements. This minimizes potential issues and maximizes your positive outcomes.

While Instagram's algorithm can evolve, UnWurk's strategies are designed to adapt. We stay informed about algorithm changes to ensure our tools maintain their effectiveness and deliver optimal results.

Our 14-day free trial provides access to our solution, allowing you to test its capabilities. During the trial, you can experience its efficiency and effectiveness for your needs, with certain usage limits to ensure a seamless experience. This trial period empowers you to make an informed decision before committing to a paid plan.

Yes, you have the flexibility to stop using a paid plan and then re-access it after a gap. If you choose to pause or cancel your subscription, your data will be securely stored. When you decide to come back, you can easily re-activate your paid plan and continue using our solution seamlessly, with all your previous settings and data intact.

Yes, you can upgrade from a lower plan to a higher plan at any time, even in the middle of a month. When you upgrade, you will be charged pro-rata for the remaining days of the month based on the price difference between the two plans. This allows you to access the additional features and benefits of the higher plan immediately without waiting for the start of a new billing cycle.

Yes! Invoices are automatically created once you upgrade on the product or each month when your subscription renews automatically.

Certainly! Send us a message through ticket raising in HelpDesk and we will advice you on next steps.

Send us a message through ticket raising in HelpDesk and we will get back ASAP.

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